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Dubai: Action sports in Dubai are set for an adrenaline packed overhaul with the launch of a new entity, XDubai. Created to promote the development of action sports and its athletes, XDubai will also bring global, community focused, and action sport events to the city while creating branded content that will excite and encourage sports enthusiasts to join in the fun. Partnering with XDubai will be a number of sports offerings which go beyond the extreme including Skydive Dubai, Inflight Dubai and Jetman Dubai. Through Dubai Film, XDubai will continuously create thrilling content to showcase the extreme exploits of associated athletes. To celebrate the launch of XDubai, residents and tourists in the city will be able to spot a number X sculptures across the city, which aim to drive awareness of the company and its initiatives.

Wakeboarding champion, Omeir Saeed is the first Emirati to join the XDubai roster of athletes. This 17 year old athlete was first inspired by participants at the 2011 World Wakeboard Association World Championships. Balancing his time spent at school, his dedication and passion for wakeboarding has taken him to the world stage, earning him global recognition.

“Dubai has consistently played host to a number of world-class sports events and we now want to develop that further. With XDubai, our vision is to make Dubai the global capital for action sports. With Emirati talent like Omeir Saeed joining our roster of athletes, we are committed to nurturing an action sports culture across the UAE and inspire the people who live here to participate and develop into future athletes,” said Ismael Al Hashmi, who has been appointed as Managing Director of XDubai.

Representing the XDubai brand at events globally will be professional athletes from the UAE and across the world. From rally drivers and base jumpers to skydivers and football freestylers, XDubai will soon announce partnerships with a number of athletes. Through their participation at events, these athletes and ambassadors will also showcase the XDubai logo in a black or white solid edgy typeface which spells the word ‘Dubai’ alongside an innovative yellow on black letter ‘X’. Arabic readers will also discover the word ‘Dubai’ embedded within the English character ‘X’ in the logo.

“Our vision is to develop Dubai into a destination for established action sports aficionados while also working with amateur athletes whether they dream of performing on the world stage or simply getting fit,” said Ismael Al Hashmi.

“The launch of XDubai is a big step forward for action sports in the UAE and especially for the development of Emirati athletes. As these are still niche sports, it is inspiring to know that this organization will be investing not only in athletes, but also in developing sporting relevant infrastructure in Dubai,” said Omeir Saeed, Emirati Wakeboarding Champion.

Through 2015, XDubai will invest in creating facilities for sports fans to help develop their talent. Giving Dubai a new measure of jaw-dropping experiences will be a strong line-up of international standard events, bringing the excitement of XDubai directly to fans. The first of these events will be the Reebok Spartan Race on February 20th, a challenging 5km run with more than 15 obstacles.