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Four XDubai Obstacle Course Racers dare to take on – and conquer – the Godawari Running Festival race in Nepal

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 8 March 2019: The location: Nepal. The stars: XDubai obstacle course race (OCR) athletes Angelique Chetaneau, Carolina Gutierrez, Ivana Kolaric and Barbara Company Espejo. The Challenge: the Godawari Running Festival.

To mark International Women’s Day, action sports brand XDubai has released a video detailing the extraordinary story of four of its equally extraordinary female athletes as they prepped and participated in The North Face Yeti Run as part of the Godawari Running Festival in Nepal. Taking place at an altitude of 2,754m, amidst a varied and challenging terrain dotted with woods, rivers and hills, the race is a milestone event for serious athletes.

“There are many obstacles in life and courses are the same. You run and sometimes, there is a wall that you have to climb over,” says Angelique Adeline Chetaneauas the video begins. The quote sets the pace for the remainder of their journey and serves as a reminder of the rigor, resourcefulness and discipline that has become second nature for these star female athletes.

The 3-minute video charts their experience as the only all-female team, including the lead up to the race as the fab four are put through their paces in altitude acclimatisation at state-of-the-art training facilities at Nad Al Sheba. After months of preparation in the UAE as well as on-site in Nepal, the group faced the challenge head-on, conquering the course with podium finish and forging a bond as an unstoppable team.

“These four exceptional ladies are an inspiration to athletes – male and female – everywhere. They embody the spirit of “Defy Your Limits” by pushing against barriers and redefining what is possible. They welcome challenges and are fiercely supportive as well as competitive – they are showing us what can be achieved when power, passion and perseverance come together,” said Mohammed Javad, General Manager of XDubai.

View the full video on XDubai’s YouTube channel HERE.